Sublimated Apparel

The sublimation process allows for highly detailed designs to be reproduced exactly without affecting the softness of the fabric or peeling with wear and tear. We offer sublimation for the following:

High-quality jerseys for your team

Whether it’s Rugby, Aussie Rules (AFL), Basketball, Soccer, Netball or Cycling, our experience in sublimation will give you and your team that winning look!

Select your apparel

Not the creative type?

We are happy to design something unique to you!


Is there a minimum order?

Yes, with sublimated apparel the minimum order is 10+ pieces. Prices are also quantity dependant and are broken up into price categories of 10+, 20+, 50+, 100+, 250+ and 500+. 

What is the turnaround time?

You can expect deliveries sent by air freight in as little as 4 weeks from the time that the 50% deposit is paid and the order is approved.

How to design a garment?

You can follow the link to the 3D Design Lab and design-your-own using the templates provided or alternatively you can provide us with your logos, colours and any design suggestions or requirements you may have and we will come up with a design for you. A one-off design fee of $99.00 will be charged at the time of order. For repeat orders where the design does not change this fee will not be charged.

What type of garment can be sublimated?

.You can sublimate almost any type of garment from singlets, polos, tees, hoodies and shorts. We can also offer styles specific for netball, soccer, basketball, hockey, rugby league, union, AFL and cycling. All items will be in a Polyester fabric